Westland Sea King HAR3 - XZ588/G-SEAK

Ex RAF now Historic Helicopters Sea King HAR3 XZ588 seen arriving at Elstree Aerodrome during filming at Wrotham Park for Netflix series The Crown.
Masquerading as Sikorsky VH-3A 156112 of the US Marines HMX-1 Executive Flight Squadron that transports the US President.

Following a 0130 - 0930 shift at work, I drove up to Elstree where a friendly tower controller advised they were lifting in 15 minutes time, much to my excitement. 45 minutes later word came through that it wouldn't start...what a nightmare.
The engineer worked tirelessly for over 8 hours and everyone at Elstree finished for the day and shut the pumps so I headed home.
I had just got to the slip road to the M25 and a message popped up on my phone that they were coming in, in 15 minutes! A very swift but very legal drive back to the airfield and I got there just in time to see it arrive as the sun set where they took on 2000 Litres of fuel for the trip home to Chard the following day...

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