lamour de femme (1969)

lamour de femme (1969)
dvdrip | english | avi | 512 x 384 | xvid @ 1501 kbps | ac3 2. 0 @ 256 kbps | 00:59:09 | 768 mb
genre: drama, sexploitation | usa
theres three subplots, with only two of them being important in the grand scheme of the film. The first of the bunch features lenore and suzanne, two lesbians who set out to meet another young lady whod like to join in on the fun and games that the two enjoy, but jealousy arises when this new friend starts to get a little too attached to one of them. The second follows a pair of gay guys who simply want to walk around town and make out in the woods. The third and final one revolves around kiki, a young woman who is quite confused about her sexuality and eventually picks up a prostitute to figure out if she really wants to be with another woman or not.

gratuitous nudity and softcore sex is abundant throughout the stories save for the one with the gay guys (which barely receives enough time to actually be considered a subplot, truth be told), so dont go in expecting some sort of high-class romance film or deep character studies. Theres also an abundance of nick millards stocking and lingerie fetish on display, so those of you with similar tastes in "clothing" will probably enjoy seeing these ladies in their various stages of undress. Oh, and did i mention that theres lesbian action and lots of it? Indeed there is, and although its all softcore, theres actually some damned good scenes if you catch my drift (and im sure you do).


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ghetto stories (2010)

ghetto stories (2010)

subtitles: english | avi | 1h 49 mins | 700x394 | ac3 192kbs | 1. 17gb
genre : crime / action / drama
plot : in the streets of baton rouge, there are only two sides of the track. In the midst of a street war of south vs. North, marcus hatch (lil' boosie) and jai 'savage' carter (webbie) find themselves as rival drug dealers struggling to make ends meet. With the streets at war, someone must suffer the consequences.


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the losers 2010 dvdrip-axxo

http://www. Imdb. Com/title/tt0480255/


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hot rod - february 2011

hot rod - february 2011english | 112 pages | hq pdf | 93. 00 mb

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size: 53 mb
stuntmania is a fast paced 3d stunt car driving game, where you get to perform the most amazing tricks and stunts in some really cool environments.
there are five game modes in stuntmania with various tasks to perform. Download adobe illustrator cs4 Some of the game modes are completed by achieving a high score, and some are completed by finishing a task in the quickest time possible.
you have the ability to save your best 10 scores and times on the local scores leader board for each game mode, allowing you to compete against yourself and others that may play stuntmania on your machine. Additionally, if you have an active internet connection at the time of saving your score, you can also choose to save the score or time on the global scores leader board, allowing you to compete against other players around the world.
you can select any of the ten amazing stunt cars each with differing suspension, weight and handling. Any car can be played in any level in any game mode from an easy to navigate game selection menu.
system requirements:
* windows 2000/xp/vista/7
* directx 9
* 800 mhz

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